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China Aid human resources development and cooperation program was sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and undertaken by Central University of Finance and Economics. In recent years, general secretary Xi Jinping has announced a series of initiatives on human resources development cooperation in a number of major diplomatic activities such as forums and summits, by which he won wide acclaim and high praise from the international community. The training of China Aid was closely related to the overall layout of the diplomatic community and actively promotes the construction of The Belt and Road Initiative. There was no doubt that it has a positive impact on China.


Since 2006, the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) has continued to optimize the cooperative pattern, expand the training scale, and explore various training fields to meet requirements of different trainees. By 2020, we have undertaken 72 training programs, including four overseas seminars and training courses. More than 1800 government officials, whom were ranging from the ministerial level to the section level, and business backbones from 98 developing countries have been trained in CUFE with high quality finance and economics courses. The trainees were generated from different regions, such us Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and etc.


By holding government officials’ seminars and technical training programs, the trainees will bring back home the knowledge about China, the skills mastered, particularly the Chinese people’s hospitalities. Thereby, those training programs and trainees played a significant role of promoting mutual understanding, communication and friendliness between countries. Besides, the China Aid training program also benefits the university by expanding international influence, increasing the opportunities of academic exchange and cooperation, discovering and reserving compound teachers, and promoting the internationalization process of education.

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